"Action" is a self-written and produced 1975 song by the rock band Sweet. The song went through several iterations; a 7" single version was recorded at Ian Gillan's Kingsway Studios in London and slightly different versions appear on the albums Strung Up and Give Us a Wink. It reached the Top 10 in 1975 in numerous Europeancountries and Canada but stalled at #15 in the UK and #20 in the US. The lyrics refer to Sweet's negative treatment as pop-stars, particularly by the music press, and to the demands of the music industry. The track features a masked 'backwards vocal' with the words 'You kiss my arse'.

The song was also featured in Formula One's video for the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix.

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Covers Edit

In 1993, British metal band Def Leppard covered it.

The song was also covered by Raven (on their 1981 album Rock Until You Drop), by Black 'n Blue (on their 1984 album Black 'n Blue), by power metal band Vengeance Incorporated on their 1988 album Bad Crazy and by Steve Stevens (on his 1989 album Atomic Playboys). Scorpions released it in German translation as "Wenn es richtig losgeht" on the B-side of the single "Fuchs geh' voran" (a translation of "Fox on the Run", also by Sweet). Bodybuilder/hard rock singer Jon Mikl Thor once performed the song on The Mike Douglas Show.[1]

Def Leppard version[edit] Edit

Single by Def Leppard
from the album Retro Active
B-side She's Too Tough (Joe's Demo), Miss You in a Heartbeat (Phil's Demo).
Released 1994
Format CD, 7" Single, Cassette
Recorded 1993
Genre Heavy metal, glam metal, speed metal
Length 3:41
Label Bludgeon Riffola
Writer(s) Andy Scott, Brian Connolly

Steve Priest, Mick Tucker

Def Leppard singles chronology
"Two Steps Behind"




"Desert Song" (1994)

"Action" was covered by British hard rock band Def Leppard from their album Retro Active. The music video was directed by Phil Tuckett from NFL entertainment.[2] The approximate shooting date was between June and December 1993. The locations are live in Sheffield, Ottawa, and Joe's home in Ireland. The band 'discovered' the masked backwards vocal on the original track and refer to same on the CD single cover.

Track listing[edit] Edit

CD: Bludgeon Riffola / LEPCD 13 (UK) / 858 093-2 (INT)[edit] Edit
  1. "Action"
  2. "She's Too Tough (Joe's Demo)"
  3. "Miss You in a Heartbeat (Phil's Demo)"